Tuesday, 29 May 2018

The May Workshop Happened To Be On The Same Day As The Royal Wedding!

Well...when I booked the second session of my 2018 workshop for Saturday 19th May way back at the beginning of the year...I could not have foreseen that shortly after, Prince Harry and Meghan were going to choose that same day to get married!  In the end the "Bicester Avenue" complex where our workshops took place, was like the Marie Celeste for a good part of the day, lots of people obviously glued to the television...but at least all the ladies who were booked in for the workshop came:) And what a lovely day it was. 
The ladies worked hard on their little early 1900s German style kitchen room boxes and contents. Everyone could choose what features to focus on whilst they were at the workshop, and with the aid of a book of instructions and full kit, they could finish the rest off at home. 
This gave the workshop a far more relaxed feel, people could work at their own pace, as well as come and go for refreshments etc. whenever they wanted. With such a small class, it was super to be able to spread right out...and I have decided that for future workshops (or certainly for the more complex projects), the maximum number of people at any one time will be set to six. 

Some of us finally succumbed to one or two of the scrumptious cakes from the restaurant  that were available literally just outside the conference room where we were based. Everyone had a go at painting and aging the walls of their kitchen room box - plus one painted tiled effect floor was finished by the end of the day. You can see for yourself the magnificent results!
This was Fiona's floor just after the final coat of paint had been applied and we all watched with great excitement as she slowly peeled all the masking tape away. 
We all agreed that Fiona's floor was rather brilliant!
Above you can see Janine's German style kitchen range in the early stage of construction. 
Above Jane can be seen with the range almost constructed...
and here is Jane's range with the red and cream paint. 

Here is someone's magnificent replica of a German dresser with its first coat of paint. 
And finally I just had to sneak in this photo of Robin Britton, my ex Nostalgia In Miniature Workshop colleague who is now officially retired, but who kindly agreed to come along to both workshops and help out. It was great having her there and I think she really enjoyed herself too. 
Various antique and vintage miniature kitchenware was available to purchase at both workshops. A lot has now been sold but all left over pieces will be put up for sale on KT Miniatures website over the next few weeks, including a couple of 1920s/30s Britains painted lead cooking pots. 
This is the prototype of the early 1900s German style kitchen, which the attendees kits were based on, however they had many options in decorating the room box and also with the furniture. More photos of the workshop project can be seen on the official KT Miniatures 2018 Workshop web page: CLICK HERE

I hope to bring details of KT Miniatures 2019 Workshop Project later in the autumn this year. A big thank you to all the ladies who attended both workshops in April and May, I am looking forward to seeing photos of your finished projects very soon:)


Robin said...

Have to agree - it was a super day!!
Wicked of you to include that photo of me though......

Giac said...

Hello Celia,
It looks like it was a lovely group of miniaturists. I am glad all went well and that everyone had fun.
Big hug

jenann said...

Well, I say it every time, don't I? I WISH I COULD HAVE BEEN THERE!

It does look as though you had a great time together and, oh, those items for sale! Alice and Arthur Coombecraft are are planning the conversion of an old shop into a large, traditional kitchen and really have enjoyed looking through the wares.

I love the way the 'tiled' floor came out - excellent!

Congratulations on another successful workshop (not to mention enticing Robin back to help out).

Would love to see any photos of their finished kitchens that the students would allow us to glimpse.
Jenni x

KT Miniatures said...

Thanks everyone for your comments.

Jenni - if any of the students forward a photo or too of their finished projects, providing they are willing for me to do so, I will most definitely show you all here on KT Miniatures Journal. It is quite a complex project so I think it will be quite some time before anyone finishes the little kitchen:)

Celia X