Saturday, 7 October 2017

Jenny Kallin Exhibition - Exquisite Dolls House Inspired Art

Just to let you know that a small exhibition of Jenny Kallin's wonderful drawings is currently on at the moment and continues until November. It is taking place in a rather splendid cafe in Walthamstow (London), details of which can be found on this poster below.

Jenny, having obtained an art degree quite some time ago, has always loved art. And although she has been a library conservator up until last year,  she has always kept up drawing along the way.

Jenny told me that being a huge dolls house fan, she uses her own dolls house collection for inspiration. 

Some of her lovely work can be seen above and below. 

She usually draws in ink after a quick pencil sketch, and also uses coloured pencils. She tries to avoid making the drawings look twee and cute, but  instead aims for a more dream-like and not too photographic style. Her pictures are centred around a cosy home atmosphere and the wonderful miniature furniture that was crafted to copy real life sized furniture from the day. 

You can get hold of Jenny by email on:

If you are around the Walthamstow area in London for the next few weeks, then why not go take a peek at Jenny's work. She can take commissions but it would probably have to be unframed if it has to be sent through the post. 



Megan Wallace said...

This is beautiful. Thank you for showing it to us!

KT Miniatures said...

Thanks for dropping by Megan and yes, I think Jenny's drawings are exquisite too. They are so unique and I love the clever way that she packs so much detail into her pictures. Vintage dolls house collectors will instantly recognise quite a lot of the furniture and objects. Celia