Tuesday, 19 September 2017

KT Miniatures NEW Archives Is Now Live....

It is a very long time coming but I am delighted to announce that I have finally got around to creating a proper Archives section for KT Miniatures various antique and vintage dolls house items, some special collections and also handmade scenes...amongst many other miniature related items too. 
You will find the Archives link at the far end of the main navigation bar at the top of my website. Just click on the link and it will take you through to a main holding page. Simply scroll down and click on each relevant link that interests you. As you can see above, there are sections of sold antique and vintage dolls houses. I will continue to add items of interest as and when I can, as I do have more photos and details tucked away in old files but all this is extremely time consuming, so it will still take some time yet before it is complete.

You will also see special collections that have been sold over the years, such as "The Builders Collection". Long standing followers of KT Miniatures may remember these old items that were found in the loft of a house that was being renovated by a builder. He was going to throw the whole lot away in the skip thinking that they were rubbish but then discovered some pieces with "Pit-a-Pat labels on and rang me for advice! Needless to say I told them that they were quite valuable indeed and most definitely not to chuck them in the skip! The rest is history.
And can anyone remember the story of the lady who rang me out of the blue because she had found some miniature plants tucked away in a teacup at the bottom of a box of china that she had won at auction. It was the china she was buying so was not expecting to find these tiny rare Beatrice Hindley treasures in her auction goodies. But after a little research she discovered that they were valuable and thankfully gave me a ring. I nearly fell off the chair when she told me she had four that she wanted to sell..ha ha... that really was a magical and rather memorable phone call!

Amongst the Archives I have included several of my articles written over the years on various antique and vintage miniature items, including one about this intriguing 1920s/30s dolls house. Or was it a dolls house - it had been suggested that it could have been a trainee architects model?

Also included is a concise gallery of KT Miniatures creations. There are a variety of commissoned projects on there and projects created for various magazines too. The scene above was a commissioned piece of a wartime hospital ward at Xmas - was another favourite of mine.  Plus there are joint projects with Robin Britton (my now retired workshop colleague) and miniature scenes I made simply to sell via KT Miniatures, all within this section. 

You will  find one or two projects on there that are also in video form as well as a pictorial gallery form - including one of my most favourite projects of all time - Robin's and my joint magazine project - The WW1 Dugout, Trench & Poppyfield. Later sold to raise funds for The British Legion.

Plus On A Cold & Frosty Morning...The Morning After The Night Before. This again was auctioned off later to raise funds for Breast Cancer Campaign. 

And finally right at the end of the Archives, I have included a pictorial gallery of all the workshop projects Robin and I created over several years, under the banner of  Nostalgia In Miniature Workshops. Above you can see the very last project we undertook - An Early 1900s German Style Shop. 

To view  KT Miniatures Archives, please click on the following link:

Well I have spent many hours and had great fun going through all my old files to create KT Miniatures Archives. Has brought back so many happy memories. I hope that the information and photos will be of interest and a useful resource for antique and vintage dolls house collectors, and miniaturists alike.



Elizabeth S said...

I enjoyed your review regarding your miniature achieves. Lots of information and lots of fun to look back and re-examine your own history in miniature. :)


KT Miniatures said...

Thanks Elizabeth. As the years have rolled by it is easy to forget some of the creations undertaken and all the wonderful old miniature treasures that have passed through these doors. Am glad I have been able to keep some of the files. Sadly due to a technical disaster a couple of years ago with a main backup file, quite a lot was lost but luckily I had other sources for some of the information. Celia

Robin said...

A super trip down memory lane for me.