Monday, 7 August 2017

Part One Of A Super Vintage Grecon Doll Collection Now Up For Sale...

A large collection of vintage Grecon dolls have arrived here at KT Miniatures and I am delighted to announce that the first half of the collection has just gone up for sale on KT Miniatures website today. Business has been brisk and many were sold in the first hour of listing, but there are still quite a few left.

To date, this is the largest Grecon doll collection I have taken on and opportunities like this for the serious doll collector just do not come along very often. This particular collection belonged to a lady who had been collecting Grecon dolls since her childhood in the 1950s, culminating in a much loved collection of over 150 dolls.  It is now her family's wish that these little dolls go to new homes  where they will continue to be appreciated and cherished.  
Some of the special Grecon dolls that have gone up for sale today.
I am splitting the collection into two...the first part of the collection consists of around 70 dolls, all of which are in a reasonably good condition - one or two are quite special, and it is those that I have put up for sale today, some of which you can see in the photo above.

Then in a few days time I will put up for sale the second part of this collection which will feature all the other Grecon dolls and there are one heck of a lot of them! Some have minor damage, some have been repaired,  then there are some that have major damage and missing a limb or two!
Some of the damaged and repaired Grecon dolls that will be available in the second part of the Grecon Collection in a few days time.

In fact some are downright dilapidated and some even a little whacky but which could be used for "spares". These would be ideal for the enthusiast who loves rescuing old Grecons and breathing new life into them. There will be some bargains to be had. 


Giac said...

Hello Celia,
What a wonderful collection! I am sure they will find happy homes very soon.
Big hug

Diane said...

Wow what an amazing collection, I have a whole family of these dolls now which I have collected over time. I like to buy the ones needing repaired and have even made new felt clothes for some of mine.

KT Miniatures said...

Well Diane, next week I am hoping to put up the second part of this collection and there will certainly be some that will be in need of repair:) Celia