Monday, 19 June 2017

Has Been A While...Lot's Going On

My goodness....has it really been a month since I last put up a post on here?

Well, if you are wondering why KT Miniatures has been so quiet, there has been a lot going on here and mostly rather nice. For starters of course, I have been undertaking "Grandma Duties" which I am enjoying thoroughly. Plus I have also been away at least three times during the past month, not all holdidays may I point out :) Then there is the ongoing task of shifting my workroom/studio down two flights of stairs to Mr KT's and my old computer room/office. After scraping all the old wallpaper off, my builder/decorator friend Gordon then did all the papering and painting for me, as there were nasty cracks and issues that needed a professional to sort out. 
There are still a few things to be done - such as tiling the boarded up fireplace and getting a carpet. After much deliberaton, I decided against stripping floorboards as they are the open ones and not in great condition. I just couldn't face further chaos and mess in stripping, filling board gaps with sawdust and pva, not to mention staining carpet it is. 

However, I have decided to be arty with the fireplace tiles though and have drawn up a plan with the aid of the computer after having chosen some reasonably priced old looking tiles. I am going for all five patterns from Topps Tiles "Archivo" range. My plan is a random patchwork effect...should be fun.  The next decision before the carpet is fitted, is whether to wax the fireplace and newly fitted shelves or paint. Then if the paint option is chosen, what colour should I choose? Decisons, decisions!

I am moving towards the painted option as I have had that pine fire surround for years and feel I want a change. Although  have never used eggshell paint before, someone suggested that it would be more hardwearing and a more pleasing effect than satinwood paint. Hmm...we shall see.
Meanwhile, I have every intention of beginning to list some rather lovely antique and vintage goodies this week. Unfortunately the old stock is still packed away in boxes up in my old workroom, but a lovely collection came in yesterday, which I will start working on this week as I can lay my hands on them more easily. It is currently piled high in an old pink plastic crate and the items you can see in the above pic. are just the ones laying on the top. Trust me....there are some exquisite pieces underneath! I need to to go through it all and sort them out. I never stop getting excited when I handle these old treasures - I wish I could keep them all! :)
There are also several boxes of tiny random antique accessories.

This particular collection belonged to the maternal grandmother of the owner and it is important to her that these go to a good home. On first inspection they appear to mostly fall into the late 1800s - early 1900s era.  I will endeavour to show some of the more interesting pieces on this Journal over the next few days. 


Giac said...

Hello Celia,
You have been busy. I look forward to seeing your new workroom. I just LOVE those beautiful tiles. Give your grandchild a hug from me the next time you visit.
Big hug

Jodi Hippler said...

Those tiles are a delight to the eye and you will no doubt turn them into an amazing focal point! Can't wait to see what you decide for the fireplace and shelves. I'd go with the paint because this really is a fresh new start for you!

Elizabeth S said...

I LOVE your fireplace surround and think that it must be exciting for you to be moving into a new space AND having it look the way you want it to!
and I think your carpet idea is a good one as things tend to bounce less on a carpet, then they do on hardwood, not to mention that it is also warmer under foot.

KT Miniatures said...

Thanks for dropping by everyone.

Will do Giac...he is growing fast!

Yes Jodi, have decided to go with the paint...just trying to decide on the colour- probably will be an oatmeal kind of colour?

Hi Elizabeth, I do love the surround but after 25 years or so of it waxed pine, I do have this yearning to paint it now. We shall see. You have a point there about things bouncing on carpet and not on a hardwood floor. I have enough trouble dropping magnificent miniatures on my kitchen quarry tiled floor as it is, and they definitely don't bounce well on that! Celia