Thursday, 6 April 2017

How About A Spot Of Miniature Gardening?

With spring now well and truly upon us here in the UK, many of us are busy with our real life size gardens. However today I have been very busy listing quite a varied selection of miniature Britains Lead Garden and other manufactured garden items to KT Miniatures website, for you to feast your eyes on.
I do have an enormous box of Britains Floral Garden items too but they will have to wait for another day as I have run out of listing time for the moment. Maybe your old dolls house has a back yard or space in front or at the side to have a few plants or garden items? Or maybe you could start up a miniature garden on its own? Even if you are not interested in purchasing any of these, I hope you will still enjoy looking at them. I had the plastic Britains Floral Garden as a child during the 1960s, which followed on from the c1950s Britains Lead Garden items, and I still have every single item packed away in Cadburys Chocolate boxes and Moreland Matches matchboxes! I was very organised as a child and looked after my toys, as in those days we didn't have much. I used to design all kinds of garden layouts with my lovely childhood dolls house.

Amongst some of the unusual pieces now up for sale is a round mirror pond with two c1950s J Hill & Co lead swans and freestanding reeds.
 And then there is this  magnifiicent metal lawnmower...
...and deckchair.

Curiously both the lawnmower and deckchair came together and the green paint used on both items is identical so I am assuming that they have been created by the same manufacturer. However, there is no maker's mark. But in THE GREAT BOOK OF HOLLOW-CAST FIGURES there is a piece about a distributing company based in London called B&S (but not affiliated to Barrett & Son in any shape or form who also was known by the initials B&S)  who in 1950 issued a gardening set which included this lawnmower and some other items....YOU MIGHT BE INTERESTED TO READ AN OLD KT MINIATURES JOURNAL POSTING

But further to my original posting, it looks like they were not made by B&S, but simply distributed by them. So at the moment the maker remains unknown. However, someone has suggested that the company DCMT made these items...but I still cannot substantiate this. Anyhow, regardless of who made them, I think they are pretty magnificent.

Meanwhile,  the c1930s-1950s Britains Lead Garden Page has been greatly updated with many new additions as from today, plus I still have more to list.  Included is a wonderfully aged old cold frame with seed box, round pots, cats, walls, flowers, flower beds, pergola and much more...even a garden gate with hedges!


Giac said...

Hello Celia,
Hoe lovely. I have never seen garden furniture like this. they are really nice pieces.
Big hug

KT Miniatures said...

Yes they are rather nice Giac and perfect for use with an old dolls house. Celia