Thursday, 8 September 2016

This Little Creation Has Just Embarked On A Journey To The USA

It has been a while since I've been able to undertake any creating, so the few random handmade pieces that are currently up for sale on KT Miniatures website alongside the many antique and vintage miniatures, were actually made earlier this year. Amazingly business has been brisk these past few days since I re-opened after such a prolonged absence, and some of my handmade pieces have been sold too.  After having spent so many hours creating something I often find it hard to let it go. 
This particular creation was just one of those pieces. I kid you not...I'd actually been in two minds whether to take it off my website before I opened for business again and keep it.  But when the order suddenly came through, well there we are...the decision was made for me! Hence, it was sent off earlier this week to the USA.
The table I made out of pieces of obeche, the legs being some commercially turned spindles that had been tucked away in my workroom unused for many years. It was then given a heavily aged paint effect, the last coat of paint being a burgundy colour (a real favourite of mine). I had decided to give it an opening drawer just for extra interest and added a brass handle.
The dolls house is an accurate scaled down version from plans found in a circa 1933 Handicrafts Annual. All roof, brick and floor papers are scaled down versions of the genuine c1933 papers. It was great fun to do and instead of using all wood, I used a combination of both wood and card. And yes, the table top is very messy but this is exactly how my real life size workbench looks.....I may permanently work in a mess but I always know where everything is!! Amongst accessories fixed to the table top is a scaled down version of actual plans from the Handicrafts book, plus a carefully researched paint tin with a 1930s label, a '30s printed paper bag, metal handsaw, an imperial tape measure and a few other bits and bobs. Oh yes...and a lot of sawdust too!
It was tricky to get the correct patina when replicating the roof and brick papers...I wanted to capture that glorious rich colour that the old papers had. And it took a lot of trial and error I can tell you,  but finally got there in the end.
Also on the table top are actual remnants of the floor, brick and roof papers, it would have been a shame to simply dispose of them so included them too, along with a tiny pair of scissors. The house is meant to be in mid construction so I intentionally gave the interior and edges a bit of a rough unfinished appearance, with simply primed inside walls and ceiling, but I did fix replicated floor papers in place.
Underneath the table is a fixed arrangement of spare replica papers and other plans, books, newspapers, printed cardboard box, etc., plus a replica of a box of nails based on a real life size one from my workroom.
I enjoyed making this set piece very much and hope that it finds its way over "the pond" safely to its new owner. 


jenann said...

I love this piece and can understand why you might have kept it. The special, one off pieces are wonderful. As soon as the bigger houses can be out again safely here, we will be looking for more of your handmade items.
J xx

Giac said...

Hello Celia,
That is such an amazing miniature. At first glance I thought it was a real life worktable. You did a fantastic job of it. I'm sure it's new owner will be over the moon.
Big hug

KT Miniatures said...

Thanks Jenni and Giac. Am looking forward to getting stuck into some more creating very shortly. It has been a while since I sat at my workbench. Celia