Wednesday, 15 June 2016

There One Minute...Gone The Next - Technological Woes!

If you had visited KT Miniatures website over the last couple of days or so and spotted a link to a KT Miniatures Gallery page, but gone back to the website last night to find that page, your eyes are not deceiving you. Let's just say this week has not gone to plan!

Firstly I've been battling with a shockingly intermittent Broadband service which has been continually going down, sometimes for hours at a time. This has been going on for a few days and is driving me nuts! BT tell me that apparently there isn't a problem...well I beg to differ! This is one of the reasons why I've not been able to list any more items onto the website this week as yet, or answer your emails as quickly as normal.

Secondly, after listening to feedback from customers with regards to my new website, I had decided to install a KT Miniatures Gallery page, with videos and photos of past commissions, projects, etc. After spending many hours sifting through files, downloading photos, videos, etc., it finally went live properly on Monday. All seemed fine until yesterday afternoon, as I went to start uploading stock to the website, several error messages started flashing across the screen. Trying hard not to panic at this stage, but completely unable to grasp what was going on, got Mr KT onto the case. After pressing a few buttons and Googling the error coding that was flashing before our very eyes, came to a "help page" that suggested that one of the main causes could be that I had downloaded a virus, maybe attached to a photo? Well, seeing as all those photos were mine and had come from my own files, I suddenly became rather hot and bothered indeed! Pressing more buttons, we were told that the problem had occurred during the past 24 hours. Assuming that it just had to be something to do with the Gallery page,  every trace of that page, all the photos, etc. were immediately exterminated off the system. 

But still no joy, the error was still there. Dammit!

At this point, I may have had a slight meltdown as all kinds of scenarios flashed before me. But good old Mr KT, even though he was not feeling great, persevered and eventually discovered that the cause was from two analytical plug-ins, one of which had had an update a few hours before which now rendered those two plug-ins incompatible with each other...duh! Problem sorted, the menacing plug in now also gone. now all my hard work of many hours over several days has been completely wasted as it has been completely obliterated off the system, but I have not given up on the idea of a gallery or two. To be honest though, I was not happy with that Gallery page, it certainly needed a lot of tweaking as it was too long and for mobiles particularly, could have caused one or two problems. So...I will need to have a re-think.

Technology great, as long as it works!

So back to today, as long as the Broadband stays up and no other little hiccups occur, am hoping to embark on some listing to the website this afternoon!!!

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Robin said...

SO...I happen to know you did have a hiccup this afternoon.....sorry you got flooded matie.