Sunday, 24 April 2016

New Website In The Planning...

Just to let you know that  I am currently working on a brand new rather lovely KT Miniatures website! It is most definitely time for a change, as I understand customers are encountering a few niggles when viewing my current website on tablets and mobiles!

Anyone who is familiar with website creating, will understand when I say that I am currently moving over from the Dreamweaver design system to Wordpress. Before I attempted to even start on creating using a new website template, I have had to get to grips with Wordpress, although I am coming to the conclusion that it is an easier system to use than Dreamweaver on the whole. Time will tell.

As long as there are no major disasters, you can see a tiny glimpse of what my new Home page will look like in the above image. But I have quite a way to go still. 

Mr KT has always been my much relied on "IT Director" from the very beginning, but unfortunately he is now very much "under the weather" these days, so I can no longer expect him to automatically and immediately sort out the endless niggles with the old technology on my current website system. Consequently, after much discussion and pondering, we concluded that new strategies now have to be put into place. This new website will be one of them.

Meanwhile, I will continue selling on my current website until the new website (fingers, toes and everything crossed) is fully up and running.

Watch this space folks!


jenann said...

Exciting times at KT! Looking forward to seeing the new site, Celia.
Jenni xx

KT Miniatures said...

Hi is progressing (slowly)...but hopefully it will be up and running next week. CeliaX