Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Some Useful Lovely Miniatures For Your Old Dolls House Kitchen!

A few interesting antique treasures for your old dolls house kitchen have recently been listed to KT Miniatures website and a few you can see below.
First up, there is this quite ornate early 1900s soft metal German basket/tray. It still has the lovely red crepe paper type lining in place. The hooped edging and delicately decorative bottom is fully intact. As anyone who has handled these soft metal dolls house items will know, they can be quite fragile in young hands (or even old hands), so it is amazing that this has survived at all after all these years. 
It wasn't until I started photographing this early 1900s German kettle, did I notice the white water mark down one side. I wonder how many dolly teacups have been filled with water from  this kettle?
 And then there is this German metal electric iron, which even has what appears to be the original cord "flex" and plug on the end. It is becoming increasingly rare these days to find an iron like this fully intact. Ok, the handle is showing its age as it has lost a lot of the black paint but personally, I think this is delightful. Right at the back end of the iron  the word GERMANY is embossed quite clearly.
Now this particular piece intrigues me greatly, as at first I assumed it was of German origin.
But on close inspection underneath the metal dish are the words: BRTISH MAKE - which is quite unusual. On the underside of the dish cover is the word: BRITISH. I have never seen one quite like this before and I have absolutely no idea who the manufacturer could be. Needless to say, if anyone out there can shed some light on this item, I would be very grateful indeed.
This large scale gilt metal c1920s Britains teapot is rather lovely. The hinged lid is still attached, which is rather refreshing as these were so often snapped off. 
This would have originally been part of either a Britains Household Set or a Britains Kitchen Utensil Set. Standing at 1 3/4" high it is rather big, so would suit either a large scale dolls house or an old dolls house where scale does not matter.

All these items and lots more, can be found on the following link: Antique & Vintage Kitchen Page.

Sometimes it is useful to think laterally and two of these miniature yellow painted lead baskets have come in but are being sold individually. Although not made initially for a dolls house, they are actually from the 1930s Taylor & Barrett Costermonger set, but could be extremely useful in an old dolls house kitchen.  And even though they are quite tiny, measuring just 3/8" high, they would look fantastic in any antique dolls house, regardless of scale
Click on the following page to view: Taylor & Barrett/Barret & Son Page


Giac said...

Hello Celia,
These are amazing! I love the British dish and the kettles. they are so beautifully crafted.
Big hug

KT Miniatures said...

They are rather lovely, arn't they Giac. Thanks for stopping by. Celia