Thursday, 28 August 2014

More Dolls House Restoration Pieces Including Rare 1930s Windows!

I have been continuing my massive clear out of restoration bits and bobs from my workroom that I had been keeping aside for my own dolls house restoration, but some I have had for so long now that I think it is time for someone else to put to better use.  So more vintage dolls house restoration components and fittings have been listed today, including some rare early 1930s tin windows and later tin Romside windows, doors etc. In fact, some of these bits I have had for so long, I have actually forgotten where they came from...shame on me!
These rare early 1930s windows simply do not come along very fact at first glance they could be mistaken for Tri-ang windows...but they are not. Even though they measure 3 1/8" x 3 1/8" which are identical in dimension to the smaller Tri-ang dolls house windows.
When you open them, you will see that these have a metal rod down each side which act as a hinge, so the windows all swivel open (Tri-ang windows are hooked top and bottom onto tiny tabs in order to swivel open). Plus these windows are attached to the dolls house by nails in the tiny holes that are found in each corner of the frames, whereas Tri-ang windows slot into the wooden fabric of a dolls house and large tabs are prised back to keep them in place.

I am pleased to say that at last I have a  few various tin Romside windows and doors....these are the more commonly seen type that were available from a little later, right through to the early 1970s.
All have some varying degree of wear plus a little rust, but are wonderful if you are in need of one!
These plus lots more can be found on the following page:

There are also these vintage wooden steps that came from an unknown dolls house but believed to be 1930s. 
I also have two of these tiny metal decorative front door handles......could be useful for someone who is in need of a door handle?
There is also this wooden gable end....again could be useful to someone. 
All these above plus lots more, can be found on the following page:


Giac said...

Hello Celia,
These are more wonderful components. I do hope they find a good home.
Big hug,

KT Miniatures said...

Many of these bits and pieces are slowly going off to good homes Giac. It seems they are making lots of people very happy! Haha....Celia