Thursday, 3 July 2014

Some Of The Less Common c1960s Tri-ang Furniture & Accessories Up For Sale!

Today I have just begun to list on KT Miniatures website some rather lovely pieces from a massive Tri-ang collection that has been accumulated over many years. 
I'll begin with this gorgeous bed. It is listed as a Polka Divan Bed in the early price lists and rarely do I ever get these in. This is the very first one I have ever handled that I can actually describe as being in good condition. As the spindle headboard is made from soft plastic and is extremely fragile, consequently it was prone to breakages. So it is so nice to have this fully intact example. The whole thing is very heavy as the base is solid metal - the mattress is made from hard plastic.
Here is a boxed Tri-ang Spot-On Telephone and this is a first for me, so I think we can say this is quite rare. What struck me on first handling is how tiny it is....although I had seen this in photos before, somehow I had always thought it was bigger...more like in size to the B&S phones....but nope, this is weenier still. It measures 3/8" wide and high, plus 7/16" deep.
Then there is this boxed Tri-ang Spot-On coal scuttle. This all plastic scuttle does not come along fully intact that regularly and rarely does it come with the box. Interestingly Marion Osborne has commented in her latest Book Of Tri-ang Furniture that at the time that Tri-ang manufactured these earlier coal scuttles, they weren't actually making any fireplaces for dolls houses or making any dolls houses with fireplaces in them!
Although I have sold bits of Tri-ang luggage before, it is the first time I have handled a Tri-ang "Hatbox". Both the plastic hatbox and suitcase open fully.  I have to say that the detail of the hinges are exquisite. At first I'd thought that it was a vanity case but nope, it was only when reading through the relevant section in Marion's book did I realise it is actually meant to be a hatbox!
It is nice to have the Tri-ang dog AND the basket....rarely do I get these in. 
It is so lovely to have a fully intact metal Tri-ang Spot-On Prestcold fridge! Yep....I can truthfully say that both hinges on the door are present and correct plus both blue plastic shelves are there too. This is a very heavy but really attractive item.
There is also a matching cream metal English Electric Cooker, another heavy item!  It has an opening oven door and inside are the original black plastic shelves. At the bottom is a pull out drawer. These earlier metal Tri-ang pieces are becoming more difficult to source these days.....the later white and red cookers are far more readily this is a good opportunity for someone to purchase one of the more highly sought after cookers!
It is not often I get a Tri-ang dishwasher in and this one even has the original box. It's official title is  a Swanmaid Dish Washing Machine.  The door drops down and both racks can be pulled out a little...wonderful!

This green filing cabinet intrigues would have been quite an innovative piece in its time as I don't think any of the other dolls house manufacturers were making filing cabinets for dolls houses  in the early 1960s...were they? A real life sized one of these would not look out of place in our houses these days....just shows how some designs can stand the test of time, don't you think?

There are quite a few boxed sets for sale, I will highlight some below....
Hope you have enjoyed looking at these. I will be listing more from the same collection over the next few weeks......any of the more unusual pieces I will highlight on here. To view all of these that are up for sale plus lots more, please click on the following link:


12Create said...

There are some wonderful items here. I love the dog in his basket.

Giac said...

Hello Celia,
Every time I visit your blog I am thankful I am not into vintage miniatures because I swear I would go broke! Everything is wonderful!
Big hug,

KT Miniatures said...

The dog in the basket is not seen that often 12Create, he is one of the nicer ones.

Giac..haha, what are you like!? Maybe we can get you into vintage miniatures before long?