Thursday, 19 June 2014

Old Greenacres Dolls House Soon To Be In An Exhibition...Plus An Amazing Very Tiny Tri-ang Inspired Dolls House...Must See!

It was huge and with no definitive knowledge from the previous owner of its origin, I'd felt that it had probably been scratch built around the latter part of the 20th century. It had a real labyrinth of rooms, was in need of some real TLC, and to be honest, due to its size had resigned myself to that fact that this particular house would take a while to sell. But to my amazement the size made it more attractive to KT Miniatures customer - artist Veronica Tonge, who snapped it up pretty quick.Veronica was thrilled with it and felt it was absolutely perfect for her work. She has lovingly restored it and I understand that from the whacky old wiring plus one or two other aspects, the general consensus now is that it probably did originate a decade or so earlier than first thought ie. from the 1950s.  But it has obviously had some considerable "modernisation" along the way. This has made it even more fascinating for Veronica.

And can be seen in all its glory at a wonderful exhibition in Maidstone....please see the promotional poster below along with Veronica's official label text for the dolls house.....I recognise that stairwell in the photo!

In the Moment: Out of the Doll’s House

A comment on the social and personal expectations of women before the ‘sixties revolution, when all our lives changed and ‘do your own thing’ became the concept to live by.

My installation is set in a 1950s doll’s house called Greenacres, which was modified by one of its previous owners to incorporate some Victorian décor. Interestingly, the 20th Century was still operating under many 19th Century restrictive values, but during the Swinging ‘Sixties “Victoriana” became as popular and exciting for young people as “Vintage” is now. The past can always be glamourised!

Suggesting and exploring memories of the domestic and social restrictions of over half a century ago is to revisit a vanished world, which I have symbolised by blocks of gossip and text reflecting real issues.

In the shadowy rooms of Greenacres, ghosts make for the harsh light of the contemporary world, and evaporate…

By Veronica Tonge

Sounds absolutely fascinating and I for one am planning on  making my way over to Maidstone in Kent at some point in July to take a peek. Full address, details etc. can be found on the Gallery website - address is on the above poster.

And now for something very different....

Well....having been so blown away at seeing her latest brand new beautiful tiny creations at the Kensington Dolls House Festival, suggested to Deb about having a go at a possible Tri-ang type of dolls house.....and blimey, she didn't waste any time! These images landed in my inbox this week with the brilliant news that Deb was about to list it on Ebay and wanted to know what I thought about it....haha, what a question! Well, what could I say...other than of course it is absolutely STUNNING & AMAZING! It is not meant to be an exact copy of a Tri-ang but Deb describes it as "Tri-ang inspired" which sums it up perfectly.
The overall vintage patina has been captured perfectly and even the inside decor is beautiful....if you are a collector of vintage dolls houses and looking for an "old dolls house" to put inside your old dolls house.....then look no further, this is "must have"!
Deb has now put it up for sale on if you want to purchase, do immediately go take a peek at the listing. By the looks of it, I can see that already people have noticed it and are bidding - am not surprised:

UPDATE! Deb has just told me that she has made some little furniture to go inside the house too....also up for sale on Ebay....Fantastic!


Giac said...

Hello Celia,
I am so happy when an antique, or any, dollhouse finds someone to bring it back to life. It was such a beautiful house.
Deb's work is just fantastic! It looks like a small heirloom. Wonderful work.
Big hug,

Robin said...

Absolutely fantastic. Well done Deb!

KT Miniatures said...

Hi Giac - I must agree...I personally get great satisfaction to see new life breathed into these old treasures. Veronica is such an interesting artist in how she uses these old houses within her art.

As to Deb's little treasures...they surely are fantastic. I am hoping that Deb will make me one!Celia

Deb Jackson Designs. said...

Gaic,Celia and Robin,thank-you guys:o)

AM said...

I hope you will snap some pictures when you visit the show. Really curious to see what Veronica did with Greenacres. gr. AM

KT Miniatures said...

Hi Am - I certainly will take photos of Veronica's house if I can. Celia