Thursday, 3 April 2014

Some More Old Dolls Houses For Sale.....

This c1938-1940 Tri-ang No. 62 Dolls House is now up for sale on KT Miniatures website.

The previous owner remembers being given this by her parents literally just after the war ended.  But interestingly, after researching the design and interior papers using Marion Osborne's fabulous THE BOOK OF TRI-ANG DOLLS' HOUSES 1919 To 1971, I was able to identify that all four wallpapers ranged from between 1938-1940. Note the window boxes fixed to the lower frontage too...they came in from about 1937/8.
The frontage opens out into two sections to reveal four rooms inside plus a staircase. The upper right room extends over the garage.
My favourite wallpaper has to be the "circus" design that can be seen in the large kitchen room, with the brick flooring. 
 It is so refreshing to have all the windows fully intact, including the acetate plus that elusive single window that sits right of the front door. The wooden front door still has the door knocker and letterbox.
This house is in complete original condition, apart from the front and two sides which have been given a coat of off white emulsion. Replacement flowers have been drawn on by the new owner, over the emulsioned exterior.  Of course they are not quite like the original but I think these have been very well done and I don't dislike them.

All in all....this is a lovely 1/16th scale antique Tri-ang, waiting patiently now for a new owner to take it on.

Also just listed is this c1970s Addington Lodge, made by A.Barton & Co. 
Of wooden and hardboard construction, this comes as a flat pack in its original box. It is self assembly and all the pieces simply slot together. Is nice to have the original box.....and if anyone out there is a big Barton or 1970s fan, or looking for a simple versatile house that can be packed away easily in a box, this could be for you.
Once assembled it consists of six rooms plus has a tin Romside staircase.

To be honest....this is the very first Addington Lodge that has come into KT Miniatures in nearly 18 years of trading, so I think I can say that this really does not come along very often!
Am not sure quite how robust this is though and how it would have stood up to a young child's excitable play? I suspect that due to the fragility of this house, many did not survive and were basically thrown away. The windows are moulded plastic and are particularly VERY fragile. The blue and red painted interior dividing walls are very colourful and the design is so very 1970s!

The front part just lifts off so you have easy acess to the interior. This house will suit 1/16th scale furniture. 

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