Monday, 24 February 2014

All over for another year....phew!

 Thank you to everyone who came on Saturday to the annual Thame Dolls House & Miniatures Fair. It was great to see so many of you!! I remembered to take some photos of the stand before the event opened this year...that's a first! 

As I had been suffering with a nasty virus for days leading up to the event and had actually lost my voice by the Friday, my lovely daughter succumbed to bribes and agreed to come back from uni' for the day to help me out....what a little treasure!

 Business was brisk as soon as the doors opened but then after a couple of hours, the crowds died down and it remained very quiet for the rest of the day. It was apparent to everyone that the general attendance was down quite considerably-maybe the recent bad weather was a factor.

I do have quite a bit of handmade stock and vintage stock leftover from this event now. So after a grand stock take, I will begin listing the handmade items first and then the vintage bits and bobs. 

Please note that I have decided officially to discontinue making my vintage style lino now, as it simply is no longer viable to make. I have sold out of all 1/12th scale and have just a handful of 1/24th scale left. 

Felicity and Ron Holland, the fair organisers, will let us know the total raised for Breast Cancer Campaign as soon as possible.....fingers crossed, it will be lots from all the various charity attractions!


DollMum said...

It was good to meet you, thank you for taking an interest in my Triang and quest for the Barton grand piano. I am glad we attended the fair - my first in several years. I too noticed that it was less crowded in the afternoon - we all turned up in the morning to beat the crowds! We left about 2:30 pm and it was considerably less crowded then than it was earlier. I've blogged about it too.

KT Miniatures said...

Hi DollMum. It was great to meet you on Saturday and hope that I helped you with your lovely house, even if it was only just a little bit. Celia

jenann said...

Good morning Celia!
What a good thing I didn't get there - with all those lovely, tempting items I'd have been in deep trouble...
Thank you so much for posting the photos for us all to see. It is far more interesting to me than 1:100 scale furniture, which may have to be replaced here soon.
It is specially nice to see your beautiful assistant. She looks very like her Mum.
Hope you are resting to get over what must have been a strenuous period before and during the fair.
Jenni x

Rebecca said...

What a gorgeous display! Thanks for taking some photos - at least I get some vicarious enjoyment. Also enjoyed DollMum's blog post, and Linda has posted photos of her buys!
So glad your daughter was able to help - it looks a very big stand for one person, even if you'd had your voice! Do hope you've recovered both from the virus and the fair now.
I expect the weather did play a part in the lower numbers - what a pity the visiting lady didn't come later in the day, when you had more time!

Cestina said...

I was so sad not to make it this time. Hopefully next year....

Your display looks amazing and would have been far too tempting for me! I hope your voice held out and that you recover quickly from all the hard work.

KT Miniatures said...

Thank you ladies for your kind comments!

Jenni- yes, Kate is a bit of a "chip off the old block" but she has no interest in dolls houses whatsoever!! But pay her for a day to stand behind my KT Miniatures stand, she is there like a flash!lol

Rebecca, yes a double stand is hard work on one's own if it's busy. Luckily my voice returned during Saturday for a while but am now driving everyone up the wall by incessant coughing! Is there any chance that you could ever visit the UK? The Thame Fair is always every February and quite a few DHP&P members do come. is a shame that "the lady" came at my busiest time...I could have sat and chatted to her for most of the afternoon, it was so quiet. Oh well....

Cestina...what a shame you couldn't come but never mind, there is always next year's Thame Fair!