Sunday, 8 December 2013

1930s Dolly Mixture Dolls House Just Gone Up For Sale!

This very pretty dolls house, circa 1930s Dolly Mixture Dolls house, has just gone up for sale. 
The "Dolly Mixture" name was given to a group of dolls houses, manufactured from the 1930s right through to the 1950s, possibly 1960s. All bear similarities. The name "Dolly Mixture" was used by Marion Osborne in her A-Z of Dolls Houses book  many years ago...and the name has stuck ever since.
There is stencilled foilage up the frontage and two sides which is very attractive indeed.
Also the pre-war 1930s early Romside tin windows with rods down each side and no butterfly handles (later versions had butterfly handles and tab hinges)  are all present and correct which is refreshing. 
 This version has four rooms, a central staircase and garage.Although the exterior is completely original, the interior has been re-decorated. So whoever takes this on can have great fun decorating inside.
There are signs of water damage on the back exterior and back roof but nothing too detrimental and is all hidden from view. 
To see full details please click on the following link:

Special Reduced Christmas Price Offer Off Late Victorian Dolls House

This reduced price will be held only until close of business on 20th December 2013. If not sold by then , it will revert back to original price. Click on following link to view:


jenann said...

I am NOT going to let Grandpa Roland see this one. One day, he can buy a second house on Dolly Mixture Lane but he hasn't paid the mortgage off on his current project yet, lol.
This is a little beauty though, Celia. I'm really drawn to the Dolly Mixtures and we may have a whole street of them eventually. I blame you and Robin.... I'm hooked on the idea of housing a community of Robin's little people!

KT Miniatures said...

It is rather lovely isn't it! Hahaha...what are you like Jenni! Celia