Tuesday, 16 July 2013

If You Have Not Yet Discovered This Wonderful Site...Do Go Take A Look Now!

If you are a particular fan of old dolls houses and if you've never seen the website Dolls Houses Past & Present before...you are missing a treat! 

They can be found on the following link:  www.dollshousespastandpresent.com. Although be warned.....once you delve into their wonderful magical world of galleries and magazine archives, you will lose track of time completely!!!

It is run by Aussie Rebecca Green, who is a bit of an expert on old dolls houses. Her knowledge, enthusiasm and expertise in researching these old treasures never ceases to amaze me! The current quarterly online DHPP magazine (Issue 17) is out now, of which Rebecca is the editor.

The above image courtesy of Rebecca Green
Topics in the current issue are diverse as always. The above image is the front cover of a very rare 1916/1917 Lord Roberts Memorial Workshops Catalogue which can be seen in a fascinating  and quite moving piece on Lord Roberts Memorial Workshops. It was set up in 1915, duly named after Field Marshall Roberts, primarily to give employment to servicemen maimed and disabled. Amongst other topics covered in the same issue are antique and vintage food including a special piece on Kaybot & Kays, vintage flower windows, an Old Gottschalk, The Welsh Museum Of Childhood and much more!
So why not nip over to the lovely website now, brew yourself a very large mug of tea, pull up your chair and start perusing......I can guarantee that you will be there for quite a while....enjoy!!!!


Rebecca said...

Thank you so much for these very kind words, Celia!

Steinworks said...

thanks for the link I'll run right over and take a peek!

KT Miniatures said...

Rebecca...you are more than welcome!

Steinworks.....hope you enjoyed your peek!