Friday, 18 June 2010

Breast Cancer Campaign - House Of Lords

Ok....thought I would share this with you....
yesterday was quite a fabulous day as my daughter and I went to an awards ceremony at the House Of Lords.

Some of you reading this will not be aware that the Thame Dolls House & Miniatures Fair that takes place each February here in Thame, has been running for a few years now and apparently we have managed to raise over £15,000.00 for Breast Cancer Campaign during that time. Now the scary bit.....I was informed by the charity a few weeks ago that I had been nominated for an Outstanding Contribution to Breast Cancer Campaign Award and was invited, along with daughter, to the awards ceremony in London last night.

Well, yesterday daughter was picked up from school half way through the afternoon, who had just finished her Geography exam so was not in the best of moods, changed into our outfits (dress code was smart/business) and we dashed up to London on the train. Ones new shoes were already killing ones feet so we grabbed a taxi to the House of Lords....damn the cost! Oh how pretentious it sounded when on being asked by the driver where did we want to go....and having to reply “The House of Lords please”!

Then the time came to go inside and once through the scanners and security, we made our way through this incredible building to the Cholmondeley Room which had a terrace right on the Thames. The building itself is magnificent, utterly steeped in history and oozing with atmosphere!

The canapés that continually came around were exquisite but I had no idea most of the time what was in them! There were loads of people there from all walks of life, Kate and I kept wondering who was who.....but without my glasses I could not read their badges....short of squinting at them close up would have been extremely rude, so we just had to be content in trying to guess. Kate whispered to me..."we don’t know anyone here” ... and she was feeling quite overawed so I decided what the heck and just looked for someone with a  badge like ours (Supporter Of Charity) and struck up conversation. As it happened, people chatted freely & what brilliant stories they had to tell! 

Then the speeches and various awards commenced. As for the award.....well I was a runner up (the winner was far more deserving and had raised a huge amount) but it was still a great honour to be nominated and what a brilliant time we had. It was also a very humbling experience as I spoke to some amazing people who have had to deal with real adversity through their illness but through some amazing strength of character manage to turn their illness round into something positive and fundraise themselves for the charity. There were scientists also at the event who are working furiously in trying to find better treatment and hopefully one day an absolute cure for the disease. Their research is funded by any money raised for Breast Cancer Campaign so please, I hope that you will all join us once again at Thame Dolls House & Miniatures Fair next February, and help raise lots of money for the charity. Although I am no longer able to organise the event, I will still be responsible for the Breast Cancer Campaign Sales Table and Grand Raffle, so do come and see us all there.



Mags Cassidy said...

Here's to next year!

Sandra Morris said...

Well done you! A well deserved achievement :-)


Di said...

Well done Celia. Such a worthwhile cause. You annd your daughter look very smart in the photo.

Marilyn said...

"House of Lords"!!! My goodness, you are a celebrity! Congratulations from the USA. Marilyn Pittman